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Christian Thirion




Christian began his training in his native France in 1966, focusing on pastry, ice cream and chocolate.  After earning his Masters in 1969, he worked in Switzerland crafting chocolate, then in Royan with ice cream, and finally at his family's business in Belfort making pastries and chocolates.


In 1979, Christian became a head pastry chef in Chicago and soon found himself instructing a large staff on the art of French pastry making without speaking English.  Undaunted by the language barrier, Christian continued to follow his creative journey in the United States and soon migrated to Santa Barbara working in consulting.  


After a nearly 23-year hiatus from the food industry, Christian established himself in the contemporary art glass scene.  His sculptural vessels, teapots, and later in his career, architectural chandeliers, are elegant, whimsical and easily recognized by his strong play with colors and design. 


"Glass, like chocolate, are similiar mediums.  Both start out as hot, liquid fluid that can later be formed, shaped, and created into beautiful solid objects."


Soon Christian found himself dreaming in chocolate again, in August 2010 Preliminaires Chocolat was founded.  His chocolates are made with the finest chocolate and raw ingredients that can be procured.  


It is Christian's passion to create chocolate that is pure, decadent and sublime.

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